Penglais School is an inclusive school - we have pupils with a variety of needs and we aim to cater for them all.
The aims of the Penglais School policy for Special Educational Needs are:-

  1. To ensure that all pupils receive an education that develops their full potential - both intellectual and social.
  2. To ensure access for all pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum and to provide support to those experiencing learning, emotional or behavioural difficulties, according to need.
  3. To ensure that all pupils are provided with the means to be integrated into the curricular and non-curricular life of the school.
  4. To develop self-esteem in pupils with additional needs.
  5. To identify additional educational needs through a clearly defined process of monitoring in all curricular areas
    To ensure that all staff share responsibility for meeting the needs of pupils.
  6. To develop learning strategies and resources (human and material) to support all curriculr areas, ensuring that courses and materials have an appropriate range and presentation.

Mrs. K. Shaw is the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator [SENCO].
The SENCO shares responsibility with a team consisting of Dr. John Ibbotson (Teacher in charge of Dyslexia) and Mrs. Annabelle Lowe (Teacher in charge of Learning Support Centre).
There is a team of Senior Teaching Assistants / Specialist Teachers who work with pupils in small groups for literacy intervention and social use of language programmes.
The school also has an experienced team of teaching assistants who assist in mainstream classes across the curriculum.
Penglais School also has a Learning Support Centre - pupils are based here if they need a more individualised curriculum.  All pupils in the LSC will attend some mainstream lessons with adult support as necessary.