An enjoyable subject which is part of the creative industries

The Art department aims to encourage the development of each child in a holistic manner. There are many challenging facets to Art work, even within the delivery of the subject in the earliest years of a child's educational life. Art should be enjoyed as a visually and intellectually stimulating past time and encourages the observation and appreciation of many varied aspects of human life through its myriad range of historical and cultural diversity.

Pupils are exposed to a variety of very different disciplines including drawing and painting, 3 dimensional work, graphics, textiles and photography, in theme or project form. During this work they will be required to address issues of a visual, emotional, cultural, historical, spiritual, imaginative and crafts based nature.

The atmosphere in the Art rooms is one of disciplined creativity and enjoyment through a wide range of curricular learning experiences. good classroom practice and pupil management is essential in this subject due to its environmental and physical speciality. it is also a subject, where, due to its very individual nature as work is developed, the teacher and pupil are able to develop personal understanding on a one to one basis, which can be employed as a positive factor in the teachers guidance and expectations of individual performance.