At Penglais we aim to make the study of History an interesting and inspiring experience for all pupils. In studying History we help pupils to develop their thinking and communication skills through a wide range of learning experiences.

Year 7 pupils study the Middle Ages, with a focus on topics like the battle of Hastings and the Black Death. In Year 8 we move on to focus on the Tudor and Stuart period with special units of work on Henry VIII and the Civil War. In the final term we look at the Industrial Revolution and its impact. The main focus in Year 9 includes the First and the Second World Wars. 

The Department runs popular and successful courses at both GCSE and A Level. At GCSE pupils study the Twentieth Century World, which includes a range of four interesting topics: Hitler's Germany, the USA in the 1920s (Prohibition and gangsters, the KKK and racism, the Jazz Age and Hollywood), the USA 1929-2000 (Vietnam, Cuba, Superpower relations, Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers).

Finally, the controlled assessment is based on British history with a focus on the First or Second World War. We offer an afterschool Ancient History club for Y10 and Y11 pupils leading to a GCSE (short course) qualification.

At A Level students follow two courses - a study of 20th century British History and an in depth study of the American Civil War. This includes a wide range of interesting topics including the impact of Depression and War on 20th century Britain and the causes and battles of the American Civil War. In both courses the key personalities of the time will be explored. The Department also offers Classical Civilisation, which enables students to study a range of topics including the Trojan War, the life of Alexander the Great and the truth behind the story of the 300 Spartans.

The Department has run a range of trips for pupils which have included Horrible Histories, Cosmeston Medieval Village and St Fagans for Key Stage 3 and the Battlefields tour and Stonehenge for older pupils. We have also developed a website full of useful resources for GCSE students and we are in the process of developing the site for other year groups. The address for the website will be give to pupils by their teacher.