Learning another language is the best way to get to know another country and its people. In Penglais, pupils have the opportunity to develop their language skills across a range of languages and levels. In Years 7 - 9, pupils study French. They can also opt to study Spanish and/or German at GCSE level and we offer an NVQ Languages for Business. Our 3 main languages continue at A Level.

We also have a vibrant Mandarin club running at lunchtimes.

We encourage pupils to develop their skills in Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing at all Key Stages, by developing a curriculum suited to their needs and abilities, using games, songs and ICT activities to reinforce language acquired. Pupils learn how to apply their skills across a wide range of topics.

We also have our own blog (http://penglaismfl.blogspot.com) which links to pages relating to each course we offer. These pages have useful links for revision, podcasts to help with pronunciation, topic vocabulary sheets, and posts regarding homework/tests.

We also offer a number of successful and enjoyable trips abroad to give pupils an opportunity to use the language in real situations and to get a real feel for the country whose language they are learning. We currently offer a Year 7 trip to Paris/Parc Astérix, a longer, more language-focussed trip to Northern France (open to Years 8 and 9) and, for older pupils, a trip to Spain/Germany is available.