The Music Department at Penglais look to develop skills and inspire talent.

When Year 7 pupils study Oriental Music, with an opportunity to compose and appraise using Graphic Scores, developing previous knowledge through singing is an important part of their learning. In Year 8 we move on to focus on Structure, and how this composition tool is used in al Music, looking at Vivaldi, Louis Armstrong and Oasis. Some History is included in their learning with the unit ‘Mabinogion’. The development of Welsh Pop Music is introduced in Year 9.

The Department achieves excellent results at GCSE and A Level, with the responsibility for their own learning becoming an important factor for each pupil’s development and success. At GCSE pupils study Music in Wales, Music for Stage and Screen, Music Evolution and Musical Forms and Devices. The coursework includes two Compositions and two practical Performances.

The A Level course is divided into three areas in Year 12 and three areas in Year 13. The Music of Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Duke Ellington, The Beatles and Queen for the first Year, followed by Ravel and 20th/21st Century Music in the second.

The Department continues to offer extra-curricular opportunities, performing to local community, Eisteddfod competitions, visiting Cardiff, Birmingham and Germany. Every two years we produce a Musical, trying to bring together as many pupils as possible through acting, being a part of the orchestra, set, lighting and sound. We have performed Grease, Oliver and The Wizard of Oz over the past six years. Alternative years we visit Kronberg during the Christmas Market