Psychology GCE, Sociology GCE and Health and Social Care GCE and GCSE

Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care are all offered as GCE courses in the sixth form. Health and Social Care is also offered as a GCSE option in years 10 and 11. All of these courses are extremely popular and lead to many exciting and fascinating career opportunities. At GCE level, Psychology, Sociology and Health and Social Care can be studied separately or together. The courses are conceptually interlinked; some students choose to take all three Social Science options, others one or two. The choice is entirely up to you.

One common feature of all Social Science courses is that you will be expected to work hard, do lots of reading and meet course work requirements by writing essays.
You are welcome to join sessions at the beginning of the year to see whether you would like to study one or more of these subjects.
For further information please contact the Head of Department, Mrs A Trotter on 01970 624811.

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