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Sixth Form Team

Mrs J Elgood, Head of Sixth Form

Miss S Thomas, Sixth Form Manager

Dr A Minchin, Learning Coach 

Dr M Lewis, Learning Coach

Ms K Gallon, Sixth Form Support Worker 



The Sixth Form students have their own purpose built block. This Sixth Form Centre contains two large communal rooms for social and academic activities. The quiet study area has a suite of computers available for students to use to support their studies. The common room is a communal area where students can mix and study. The students are responsible for the day to day running of the centre and the sixth form committee work hard to make the Sixth Form Centre a welcoming and comfortable centre for social and academic activities.



An outstanding feature of our Sixth Form is the wide range of subject options, offering appropriate learning pathways for students of different aptitudes. Students benefit from a broad range of AS and A2 courses including some vocationally based courses.

In Year 12 students with at least 5 GCSE’s at C grade or better will choose to study 4 subjects and the Welsh Baccalaureate. Teachers will advise students on their suitability for their chosen courses.

Welsh Baccalaureate  Chemistry  Physical Education 
GCSE Maths Biology Health and Social Care 
GCSE English Physics French
Art Design Technology - Product Design Spanish
History English Literature Geography
Geology Sociology Psychology
Mathematics Media Studies Music
BTEC Level 3 - Business   BTEC Level 3 - Travel and Tourism











Support and Guidance

A structured programme provides opportunities for students to develop:

• of employment and higher education opportunities
• the local and national job market
• of themselves, their qualities and abilities

• of decision making
• of managing change (practical skills for applying for jobs, Higher Education, training and independent living)
• C.V. production
• independent living- Life Skills in managing money, heath, accommodation, social issues

• of self reliance
• towards others

In both Years 12 and 13 reviews are held with the pastoral team on a one-to-one basis at least once every half term to provide support and encouragement and to set challenging but achievable targets. You can also request additional meetings whenever necessary. The pastoral team will make use of reviews, monitoring, reporting and mentoring programmes to help students fulfil their potential and can provide guidance on both academic and non-academic issues.


Joining Sixth Form


Important Information:


At Key stage 5 students are required to follow a full time programme of study (minimum of 3 subjects at level 3 plus the Welsh Baccalaureate). We do not offer part time education. Students whose achievement at AS is below expectations (minimum of a pass in at least 2 of their AS subjects and the completion of the year 12 programme of study for the WBQ) may have to return to year 12. Students returning to year 13 are required to study a full time programme of study of 3 subjects plus the Welsh Baccalaureate (minimum of 2 subjects to A2 plus one AS and the WBQ). Students studying resit Maths and or English at GCSE instead of a level 3 subject must pick up a level 3 subject on completion of the resit course).


Attendance is monitored weekly. Students whose average attendance is below 80% may not be accepted into year 13.


The Welsh Baccalaureate is a compulsory element of the programme of study at Key Stage 5.

In November there is an Open Evening where students from other schools can visit the school and Sixth Form for consultation.
In January the Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs Hayley Griffiths gives a talk to year 11 students describing life, work and social activities in the Sixth Form. Questions can be raised at this stage. Year 11 students receive a copy of the Curriculum Guide and identify subjects/courses in the Sixth Form which may be of interest to them. At this stage an application to join the Sixth Form is completed.

Students will be invited to take part in a poll to determine whether or not there is demand for subjects and their views will be instrumental in drawing up a final option choice. This will be communicated to students late in the Spring Term.

In August Year 11 students receive their exam results and will review their options. In September an induction programme is followed so that all students integrate and students are advised through sessions with Sixth Form staff. There is a short period of time following the induction programme which allows students adjustment in course choices if necessary.