Mohsen Elabbadi

For so many years the sixth form was seen this mystical and magical place, and now I've reached this stage I can honestly say that this is true! Being in Penglais Sixth Form has not only been the best part of my education, but has been one of the most memorable periods of my life. I could not imagine being in an environment any more encouraging towards my personal development and wellbeing. The Sixth Form Team are nothing short of incredible, and are always there to help and support you in all of your endeavours, whatever they may be. The staff somehow manage to dedicate an extraordinary amount of their own time in helping with university/college applications, exam stress, or any other personal problems you may have. Penglais School will support you whether your ambitions are academic, sporting, artistic, musical, or otherwise. The atmosphere is really friendly, and I can guarantee that you will fit in no matter who you are. You will develop a real affinity for your peers and teachers, who treat pupils with greater respect and individuality. There are 2 study rooms which are THE perfect places to get to work, accompanied by a large number of computers. Students have a very broad choice of subjects, and are encouraged to follow courses they are passionate about, with continuous and invaluable feedback from their personal tutors. Opportunities to be had at Penglais are, frankly, endless, and are only limited by your own imagination. There is a range of activities, from acapella to Zumba, with everything in between. I have been able to participate in model conferences, debating competitions, and even chair the science debate group. These experiences have greatly raised my self- confidence and turned me into a more mature and rounded person. The best part of being in the Sixth Form is that you can organise and run many of these events, giving back to the school which strives so hard to turn you into the best person you can possibly be, fully prepared for life's next steps. Penglais Sixth Form; where magic begins!



Fraser Harris

Penglais School gives you more than an education; it gives you an opportunity to join a tight knit community. The Sixth Form team have given me guidance through my studies to ensure I can fulfil my potential including applying for University through UCAS. Although the team are there for guidance, Sixth Form gives you the ability to take responsibility for your own learning as well as freedom of choice from a wide range of subjects. As a Sixth Former, you have the option to become involved in running and enhancing the Sixth Form centre. Not only are you able to continue studying, but you can improve your skills by participating in extra-curricular activities run by the Sixth Form. I have been lucky enough to be able to represent the school at a Model UN Conference as well being a regular member of the Sixth Form debate group. It is by taking part in these activities that I have become more confident. I have thrived in the Sixth Form environment.


Molly Baldwin

When you come to sixth form, you go from being a school pupil to a young adult. Should you use the opportunities available to you, you can develop some great skills not only in your studies but also as an individual. The atmosphere is great for practicing your independence, with full support available from the teachers should you ask for it. I urge you to take part in pursuing your interests independently - such as running or being involved in your own club - as it helps to gain friendships, knowledge, key teamwork and organisational skills and possibly even a portfolio that could be used in a University application. Be as involved as you can while you have the chance to - I have run a ukulele club and a discussion group alongside friends, as well as being involved with other clubs and voluntary work around school with my fellow sixth formers. I have no regrets at all, and the best thing is knowing I have used my time here to its fullest potential! I will always appreciate and value the memories I have obtained at Penglais sixth form and I hope that you will feel the same way, too!


Josiah Youd

The Sixth Form for me has been a leap forward academically. This has brought with it an increased level of flexibility, opportunity and support in all aspects of my personal and educational development. The Sixth Form's staff and students are in constant contact through email, regular announcements, progress reviews and the pigeon holes- ensuring nobody misses the chance to excel. This is helpful for me at the moment because it makes the process of completing my university application, carrying out my individual investigation and organising work experience much more manageable. Here, you are treated as an adult, as a peer, and I enjoy this privilege greatly. During my time here I've been able to continue playing the fantastic sport of basketball as well as start rowing from scratch. I'm glad Sixth Form allows for this level of freedom, as I can stay physically and mentally healthy throughout these two particularly important years of my life. The study rooms help me get away from distractions and concentrate on my work during those days where I have more study periods than actual lessons. Here I've been given the opportunity to argue in both the science and current affairs debating groups. I've also been granted time away from school in order to take part in an extra-curricular engineering project which was the basis of my university course choice. Speaking as a prospective university student, I'd say the Penglais Sixth Form is the best place for the transition from secondary education to higher education. Not forgetting the banter. It's great banter.