Options for GCSE Subjects

Each year we go through the options process for Year 9 and 11 to allow them to choose some of their subjects in Years’ 10 and 12. We provide a booklet of options along with an options menu in January and February with an explanation of all of our courses.

We are extremely lucky in Penglais in that we can offer a wide range of options both for Year 10 and 11 and also the Sixth Form; this is due to the subject specialisms of our staff and the size of our school.

We also run our  options evenings where we provide information on all courses on offer and it gives parents and guardians the chance to discuss the courses in more depth.

The booklets and options menu will be available on this section of the site once they are finalised and have been shared with the appropriate year groups.

Should you wish to discuss the process in more detail please email our Deputy Headteacher Ms. H Leighton on hgl@penglais.org.uk