Penglais School Carers Impact Statement

The following impact statement sets out the mechanics that Penglais has in place for identifying Carers of any age and ensuring that they are referred appropriately.


We aim to support people’s lives alongside caring by identifying and recognising Carers and raising awareness of the information, advice and support that is available to them.


  • Carers to see Penglais as an organisation that is sensitive to their needs
  • Carers to be offered health, wellbeing and other Carer information and support
  • Carers to be offered a referral for further help and support and to know who to contact if they have questions or need help
  • Carers are signposted to further support when needed


Carers are individuals irrespective of age, who provide or supervise care for a child, relative, partner or neighbour who is unable to manage on their own due to illness, disability, frailty, mental ill health, impairment or substance misuse.

The term Carer in this document does not apply to a paid care worker or care assistant, a volunteer from a voluntary agency or anyone providing personal assistance for payment.


Penglais School is a comprehensive school in Ceredigion, Mid Wales. It has a large catchment area from approximately 7 feeder primary schools. The school’s pastoral system provides each year group with a Head of Year  who works alongside a student service team to help support the welfare and wellbeing of each student in the year group. The school has a designated Carer Lead. The Carer Lead and 5 other members of staff, from a wide variety of job roles, have completed train the trainer or facilitator training linked to developing Young Carers Wellbeing and Resilience.  

Interaction with Carers

Young Carers are identified on the transition process in to Penglais by the primary school and also by internal staff through interactions with the students and staff. All students who join the school are required to complete an admission form. There is a data capture question for Young Carers joining the school. When a new student, or when a current member of the school community is identified as a carer, the designated Young Carer teacher meets them.

New staff are made aware of the Staff Carer’s noticeboard and are encouraged to read the Carer noticeboard in the staff board. Details of how to contact the Carer lead are shared here. The YC hub, location of student and staff noticeboards and external support signposting is shared with all new members of staff/students. The Young Carers protocol and the Carers impact statement will also be shared with all new students and staff. If the Carer is not known to any service then appropriate referrals are made (if appropriate) and support is offered via signposting further information.

Our Carer Impact Statement will be reviewed annually by the Carer Lead in the setting and it will be discussed at appropriate team meetings for amendments.

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***This document should be read in conjunction with the YC protocol

This Carer Impact Statement will be reviewed annually in the month of September.

Next review date: September 2023