What are Additional Learning Needs?

If we think you need some extra help in school, we may say that you have an Additional Learning  Need also known as ALN. 

Information from you, your teacher and other people who support you will be collated to decide whether you have ALN.

What happens next?

If you have ALN, you will have a plan written. The plan is called an Individual  Development Plan also known as an IDP. 

The IDP will say what you need to learn and develop your strengths and what will be done so that you are properly supported.  

Sometimes the school will ask Ceredigion County Council  Local Authority (LA) to write the plan. 

What you think, feel and want must be a part of this plan. The views of your family and anyone else who supports you will also be part of this plan.

You will be given a copy of your plan. 

Your teachers must keep checking that your plan is working for you. This will happen every 12 months or if something changes.

If you move, your plan will move with you.

Everyone will work together to make sure that your plan works for you. 

What happens if people cannot agree on what should be in my plan?

We will work with you and your family to try to agree on the plan. However, if you or your family do not agree with key decisions about an IDP you can appeal to a tribunal, a special group of people whose job it is to deal with a disagreement.

You can learn more about IDPs here: