Governing Body

Members of the Governing Body


EXPIRY DATE NAME (* Welsh speaking) E-MAIL
N/A *Ms. M Hughes
N/A Mrs. H Clements
September 2023 Prof. J Moorby (Chair)


September 2024 Dr. A. Williams (Vice Chair)
November 2024 *Mrs. J Elgood
November 2024 Ms. K. Porter
October 2022 Mr. J Kelsey
November 2023 *Mr. C Turner
November 2023 *Mr. P Williams
October 2022 Mrs. A Machado


October 2022 Mr. T O’ Regan


May 2022 Mrs. J Morgan


May 2021 *Cllr. C Davies


November 2020 Dr. A. Minchin
December 2023 Mrs. M. Pugh-Jones
December 2023 Dr. E. Gagen
October 2024 Mrs. S Wildig
October 2024 Dr. H Norris


October 2024 Dr. R Santer

October 2024 Mr. N Keith



Headteacher – Ms. M. Hughes

Clerk to Governing Body – Mrs. H Clements

LEA Governors (5) – Dr A. Minchin, Cllr. C. Davies, Prof. J. Moorby, Mrs. S. Wildig

Parent Governors (6) – Mr. P. Williams, Mrs. A Machado, Mr. T O’Regan, Mrs. E. Gagen, Mrs M. Pugh-Jones, Dr Heather Norris.

Community Governors (5) – Dr. A Williams, Mrs. Julie Morgan, Mr. C. Turner, Dr Roger Santer, Mr. N Keith

Teacher Governors (2) – Mrs. J Elgood, Ms. K. Porter

Staff Governor (1) – Mr. J Kelsey


Meeting dates

Tuesday 15th September Governor meeting – results and planning – 6pm
Tuesday 20th October AGM of Parents and Governors – 6pm
Tuesday 10th November Governor Resources Meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 17th November Governors Achievement meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 24th November Full Governors meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 9th February Governor Resources Meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 2nd March Governors Achievement Meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 9th March Full Governors meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 25th May Governor Resources meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 15th June Governor Achievement meeting – 6pm
Tuesday 22nd June Full Governor meeting – 6pm

At present, due to the current situation, all Governors’ meetings will be held online.  It is important that all Governors attending online meetings are in a private, secure place when taking part in these meetings.  As soon as the situation changes, we will notify you of the rooms to be used.

The Role of a Governor

At Ysgol Penglais School we have Parent/Guardian Governors, Teacher Governors, Community Governors, LEA (Local Education Authority) Governors and a Staff Governor.

The role of each Governor is as follows:

Parent/Guardian Governor

They are elected by the parents/guardians or appointed by the Governing Body to represent the interests of parents/guardians on the Governing Body.

Teacher Governor

They are elected by fellow teaching staff at the school.

Staff Governor

They are elected from and by non-teaching staff employed to work at the school.

Local Education Authority (LEA) Governor

They are appointed by the Local Authority.  Local Authorities can appoint any eligible person as an LEA governor.

Community Governor

They are appointed by the Governing Body to represent the wider community interests of the school.  Community governors can be people who live or work in the community served by the school, or if they are not, are committed to the good governance and success of the school.


Vacancies for Governors

When we are required to appoint new Governors, we will always notify the appropriate persons and if we need to advertise, we will do so using the Ysgol Penglais School social media outlets. For new parent/guardian governors, we send an email via Parentmail to all parents/guardians and for teacher governors and staff governors, we advertise the positions internally to the appropriate staff.


Governors Reports

Dealing with Complaints