Choosing the appropriate subjects for post-16 study can be a daunting yet exciting prospect.  It is important that you do quite a lot of research in preparation for this choice and we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Consider what subjects you enjoy doing now at GCSE level.
  2. Learn about new subjects that are offered post-16.  You can do this by attending open evenings; talking to teachers and students who are already taking the course; looking at the specifications for courses on WJEC website.
  3. Use the Unifrog website to research what kind of careers you could follow with the subjects you enjoy.
  4. If you know what area you want to go to post-18, use Unifrog to look at examples of universities which offer the course and find out which subjects they want students to follow at A Level e.g. if you want to do Medicine / Architecture / Engineering it is important that you do the right A Levels.