Numeracy Development in Ysgol Penglais School

As a school we aim to embed numeracy across the curriculum to raise the standards of numerical reasoning, mental strategies and written techniques through a broad and balanced whole-school approach. At Ysgol Penglais School, numeracy development is a collective responsibility and shared goal; all staff should ensure opportunities for students to engage with numeracy are taken, to allow students to fulfil their potential as confident and competent mathematicians.

Confidence in numeracy is an essential part of life and numerical proficiency results in many advantageous life skills including effective budgeting and saving, not being misled by data and understanding risk.

Numeracy support at home

What can we do?Further suggestions
Practise mental maths where possible.Add prices in shops to find the total and calculate the change.  
Try to estimate with money, time, distance…Use rounding with larger shops to estimate total. The journey usually takes ‘this long’ what time will we arrive? How tall do you think that fence is?
Tell time on an analogue clock.Ask them what the time is, say dinner will be ready in 40mins, so what time will dinner be ready?  
Engage with timetables and graphs.Encourage them to find out what time the next bus/train is from a timetable, what time will the bus arrive? Talk about what the graphs on the news show. Are they clear and informative or misleading?  
Practise timetables to 12 x 12.Play games involving multiplication and encourage regular use of TTRockstars.  
Review work completed in school. Look through exercise books and discuss numeracy across the curriculum.Which subjects other than maths involved some numeracy this week? Did you read/draw graphs in science/geography? Did you use a measuring tape or weighing scale in tech?  
Always have a positive attitude to numeracy.If students are told it’s ok to be ‘bad’ with numbers, they are less likely to try. If you aren’t confident encourage them to show/teach you.  

Resources to help

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