What is EAL?

EAL learners are those whose first language is other than English, where first language is defined ‘The language to which a child was initially exposed during early development and continues to be exposed in the home or in the community’.  

Our students come from very diverse backgrounds with many different languages spoken at the school.  Due to the diversity of backgrounds, varying levels of previous education and different stages of language acquisition, all of our children are unique with their own specific needs. Our dedicated team try to address these needs to ensure that no child is disadvantaged due to their lack of English, and that all of our children are empowered to reach their full potential. 

To ensure these students settle as quickly and smoothly as possible, they are attached to pastoral groups and have support both in the EAL base and within the classroom.

Students are assessed against The Bell Foundation assessment system on arrival at Ysgol Penglais School. 

If a student is at an ‘A’ (New to English) or ‘B’ (Early acquisition) stage, they will have time allocated in the EAL base for an induction programme. This scheme involves a phonic and curriculum pathway. Learning is completed in a fun and interactive way using multisensory learning and ICT support packages.

Whilst in mainstream lessons, students still receiving support through intervention sessions, and regular tracking of progress.